7 Dress for Success Guidelines for Professional Women Who Succeed7 Dress for Success Guidelines for Professional Women Who Succeed

Are you confused and frustrated because you’ve been passed up for positions, promotions and other professional opportunities but you’re not sure why?

In the blink of an eye, people will decide who you are based on your clothing. It’s time to powerfully update your Executive Image and step into the career you’ve been dreaming of. The dress for success guidelines in this book will help you to accomplish that.

I’m Ready to Update My Executive Image! What is this Program All About?

The ‘7 Dress for Success Rules for Professional Women’ is a do-it-yourself program designed specifically for women in the corporate workspace who are ready to upgrade their Executive Image and finally move ahead in their career. In the program, you’ll learn how and why clothing is so important in a professional environment: not only because it affects the way you feel about yourself, but also because it affects that way others perceive you!

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You’ll learn the insider styling tips that I normally save for my private clients that you can apply right away to your wardrobe. You’ll discover that you have more impact, influence, and gravitas in the workplace when you simply overhaul your appearance.

Straightforward Information to Communicate Executive Presence

In my work with businesswomen, we always strive to communicate Executive Presence through their actions, language and clothing.

My goal with this program is to teach you the 7 crucial rules for dressing yourself so that you will be perceived as “Executive Material” – without dumbing anything down or making it overly complicated. The good news is, once you understand the rules that will profoundly affect your experience in the workplace, you never have to learn them again!

Whether you’re…How to dress to interview for new job

  • Interviewing for a new position…
  • Wish to be viewed as “more professional” in your current job…
  • Want to move up the corporate ladder…
  • Feel you’ve been passed up for positions, promotions or other opportunities…
  • Or you just want to feel more confident inside and out…

This program will help you understand the next steps to get what you want in all of those areas so you can position yourself as Powerful, Authoritative and Executive Material.

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We’re Ready to Help Your Update Your Executive Image!

“Dawn will bring your look from good to great. She does so much more than wardrobe presentation – and really looks at who you want to be known for – and then reflects that in her style coaching. Working with Dawn was nothing short of invaluable for me and has been an investment that has paid dividends over and over.” ~ Kelsie Schmit, MBA Student at IESE

“Dawn has a real gift for helping people look and feel their best. I love her down-to-earth approach and her ability to help people develop their own sense of style. Her thoughtful counsel helped me take a new approach to how I put myself together each day. Her expertise could help anyone make the most of what they have, have more fun with fashion and feel more confident in their appearance.” ~ Kari Bjorhus, VP Global Communications

“I love what Dawn does. Congruence is everything with how people respond to us in the matter of trust and that includes how we dress. If you want to create impact in your world, your own unique look matters and Dawn does a great job at helping people find that. Thank you.” ~ Gayle Cartier, Entrepreneur

The 7 Dress for Success Guidelines for Professional Women is broken down into do-it-yourself sections. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get…

Rule #1: Start with the Basics

  • Understand and master the most basic layer of your image: bras and shapeware!
  • How to choose a bra that fits and flatters.
  • The truth about shapewear and how you can use it to your advantage in a professional setting.
  • My secret ingredient for flawless gams: nylons! How to choose them and what to think about them as a 21st century professional woman.

Rule #2: Understand the New Guidelines for Office Clothing

  • Why your clothing choices absolutely have consequences in the workspace – for better or for worse!
  • How to develop your personal sense of style in a way that is appropriate for the office.
  • The difference between business formal, business appropriate, business casual and casual. No, they’re not all the same – and yes, you must know how to dress for each one of them!
  • How to choose and wear jackets, blouses, sweaters & tops.
  • How to choose colors that flatter and send the right message.

Rule #3: Skirts, Dresses and Pants, Oh My!

  • The mistake most women make when it comes to skirts.
  • All about patterns: which ones make you look bigger, and which ones make you look smaller.
  • How to purchase dresses that flatter your specific body type.
  • My secret tip for pants that fit perfectly.
  • Absolute rules for jeans (hint: if you’re working toward an Executive position, you definitely want to read this one).
  • Where to shop.

Rule #4: Accessories are Everything

  • When it comes to jewelry, size is important: how to choose the right sized accessories for your body.
  • Choosing jewelry to compliment your skin tone.
  • Dos and Don’ts for a timeless piece that can make or break your outfit: the belt.
  • What to do if you have a metal allergy or your ears aren’t pierced.
  • Using scarves harmoniously with your clothing ensemble.

Rule #5: These Shoes were made for Walking

  • Shoes are a fun way to express your personality at work – make sure they’re communicating a message that’s authentic to you!
  • Learn and understand your company’s dress code.
  • Choose shoes that work well for the day’s activities.
  • What to know when purchasing boots (and where to purchase them).
  • Hard truths about expensive handbags.
  • How to choose a handbag for your body type.
  • Different types of purses and when they are appropriate.
  • My favorite places to purchase purses.

Rule #6: Wake Up Your Makeup

  • Why a healthy skincare regimen is always the first step to beautiful makeup.
  • How to choose the right foundation and concealer for your skin.
  • Different eye shapes and how to properly use makeup for yours.
  • Brows, blush, lipstick and mascara: the right usage can do you some big favors!
  • How to choose a modern hairstyle and color that compliments your face shape and your personality.

Rule #7: How to Handle Tattoos and Piercings

  • Why you must be completely aware of how excessive piercings can affect your Executive Image.
  • How to decide whether your tattoo should be hidden in the workplace, and when to disclose that you have tattoos that may become visible at work.

What People Say Who Have Already Updated Their Executive Image!

“Working with Dawn was absolutely exhilarating. She had the ability to connect with me on a personal and professional level. Once you work with her, you will have the tools and guidance to make the right choices for your style consistently. What I learned from Dawn will last the test of time. I’ve received several compliments since consulting with Dawn, from my color choices to style of dress. ~ Dara Beevas, Author & Speaker

“In a short period of time Dawn helped change my clothing selection and ideas into those that work, are flattering and the right colors. As an added bonus, Dawn’s energy helps me stand taller and smile.” ~ Beverly Nowakowski, Photographer

“I so appreciate Dawn’s energy and intention. Her focus is on helping people tap into their own power, and she facilitates that process through a caring, non-judgmental approach. She creates a safe space and is obviously willing to learn from and grow with her clients. Treat yourself to some time spent with her!” ~ Kathleen Watson, Entrepreneur

The 7 Dress for Success Guidelines for Professional Women is a 47-page, go-at-your-own-pace PDF with questions and exercises to help you get started on your Executive Presence journey. I’ve distilled everything down into sections that you can digest and implement in your own time! The rules that I share in this program are time-tested and proven to work. I have coached many women through this process, and they have seen fantastic results. You will see the same results if you implement the 7 Rules for yourself!

Implement the 7 Dress for Success Guidelines for Professional Women for 30 Days 100% Risk Free

My promise to you: I am here to help you cultivate and craft your Executive Presence so you can take your career to the next level. I know that if you put this information into practice, it will work for the simple reason that when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you’re more confident – and when you’re more confident, you perform at a much higher level. Implementing the 7 Dress for Success Rules will help you build the foundation for the next stage in your career.

If you purchase and implement the program and decide it isn’t right for you, I’ll return every penny of your purchase within 30 days.

Here’s What You’ll Get in the 7 Dress for Success Guidelines for Professional Women in a Nutshell:

  1. The important basics of your look – bras, nylons and shapewear.
  2. How to understand what is appropriate in a 21st century office space.
  3. Rules for skirts, dresses and pants.
  4. How to accessorize for style, gravitas and leadership.
  5. Shoes make all the difference! Why and how to choose the right shoes for your style and your day.
  6. You can only make a first impression once – so use makeup to your advantage!
  7. What to do with tattoos and piercings in the workplace.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to update your Executive Image and put yourself on the path toward increased salary, confidence and a powerful personal brand?

More Testimonials: Dawn Stebbing’s Executive Image Coaching!

“I highly recommend Dawn Stebbing and truly appreciate how she has combined so many of her strengths and years of experience. She brings SO MUCH valuable and experience to her clients. She totally knows about our exterior image and I so trust her assessment of my total style and complementary clothing attire. Her added value with her her personal insights and dedicated passion to help us appreciate our inner beauty makes her a highly sought-after service provider and a good value investment of time and money. Dawn gives you 100% highly dedicated service that will help you understand yourself and your best image for business and personal brand development.” ~ Wendy Blomseth, Sales MSBJ

“Dawn helped me understand there were some missing components when it came to my executive presence. I already had inner confidence in my knowledge and abilities however when I sat down with Dawn I knew she had much more insight into how to take my authentic personal brand to a higher standard and transform into a confident, credible and capable version of my best self. I would recommend working with Dawn; she can assist you in taking your brand to a higher level.  ~ Lori Lance, Managing Partner of AEEB, Inc

“When I first met Dawn I was lacking my sparkle. I felt I had some confidence, however, it wasn’t enough. I wanted my “IT” back what ever that “IT” was. Dawn helped me find it, by defining my personal brand, and gave me permission to be who I am and how I want to be perceived. I feel more confident with my appearance on the outside, which has helped me feel more solid all around. My journey was amazing, I look and feel fabulous, I got my WOW Power! back. I highly recommend working with Dawn if you are looking to get your “IT” back  Thank you Dawn!” ~ Darla Preble, CEO Health Care

About Dawn Stebbing

Dawn helps professionals bring forth their confidence, clarity, control, and power for success. As a leading executive presence expert and image consultant in Minnesota, Dawn knows that being perceived as leadership material is essential to be promoted into executive career positions and provides you with the dress for success guidelines that make a significant difference.

Masterful at utilizing the power of perception, she can strategically teach you to influence an outcome or experience. As an executive presence trainer she understands there is much more to leadership than a title. Elevating your presence to produce more confidence, poise, communication, interpersonal skills, and appearance are some of the major components to expanding your influence.

As an image advisor and branding specialist, Dawn is dedicated to improving personal credibility and overall influence, both personally and professionally.

Certified Image ConsultantCertified in Executive Presence, member of the Association of Image Consulting International and the President of the Association of Image Consulting International – Chicago Chapter, she works with corporations and private clients on optimizing their Executive Presence, Non-verbal Communications, Interpersonal Skills and their Personal Brand.