Confident Style Program

⇒ Do you struggle to find something to wear every day?

⇒ Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

⇒ Has your body changed over the years and you no longer know what clothes look good on you?

⇒ Do you walk into a store to buy something and walk out with nothing?

⇒ Do you struggle putting yourself together so you look and feel good when you walk out the door?

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Confident Style Program


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What will it feel like if all
these challenges were addressed?

Confidence With Style & Grace

The Confident Style Program is Your Solution!

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Confident Style Program

Limited Time Offer

($397 Value)

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For many years I struggled understanding my body shape, what worked and what didn’t. I was frustrated on where to shop and what looked good on me for my age at the time. Over the years, my body changed. I lost a lot of weight, I gained weight and my body shape completely changed.

Growing up I was considered a pair shape (as a boy in school told me one day). I have had many fashion faux pas in my career and I learned what not to do and how to dress on my own. I now dress my age, my personality, my lifestyle and my career and what stores to shop in for my style.

I pair my extensive experience in the beauty industry as an entrepreneur and cosmetologist with a deep understanding of human behavior gained through my own professional transitions and formal training in leadership presence.

I am the author of numerous articles and the book, “The Power is in the Pearl” which centers on building leadership presence. As a intuitive style coach, certified image consultant and leadership presence trainer, and past president of the Association of Image Consulting International (Chicago Midwest Chapter), I never underestimate the power of ones presence – because when we change our looks, we change our energy which changes our outlook and situation.

I’m based in the Phoenix, Arizona area and available for individual and small group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements nationwide.

What do people say?

"Dawn and I worked together to find an image that suits who I am today as a person and a professional. I thought this process would be daunting and judgemental but Dawn has a knack for making people feel comfortable and fun with the process. I love getting dressed every day! I look great, feel great and I am saving money by shopping smarter! I would highly recommend hiring Dawn to help you with your image needs. Thanks Dawn!"
Tamie Ward
"Dawn has a real gift for helping people look and feel their best. I love her down-to-earth approach and her ability to help people develop their own sense of style. Her thoughtful counsel helped me take a new approach to how I put myself together each day. Her expertise could help anyone make the most of what they have, have more fun with fashion and feel more confident in their appearance."
Kari Bjorhus
VP Global Communications

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