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Let me show you how to...

Build an authentic personal brand that is confident and captivating to attract and build lasting business partnerships.

Do You Struggle with…

  • Being taken seriously
  • Transitioning to new opportunities?
  • Feeling confident?
  • Earning promotions?
  • Looking the part you want to play?

I Can Help You

Define your unique value proposition based upon the reputation you want to build

Pump up your leadership presence

Polish your appearance and look more professional

Work on verbal and non-verbal communication

Coach situationally at key career points

Invest in Yourself

I found that when people invest in building a personal image that is authentic, powerful, and polished — they are unstoppable. My clients have elevated themselves as dynamic leaders, essential contributors to their families and communities, and effective communicators.

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Create Your Plan

Achieve Your Goals​

“Too many women are not living up to their highest potential.
I had a desire to be more and do more, which required me to
take some risks and not let anyone stand in my way. I want to help
other women develop that same fierce drive in themselves
to have more, be more, and do more, unapologetically, without
asking permission from anyone.”


~Dawn Stebbing

Free Key Tips

Download “25 Traits to Increase Your Leadership Brand” now for key tips to help you stand out and be perceived as a great leader.

Uncover Your Potential

Feel confident throughout the day with your appearance, which helps to command attention and respect. When people have taken the time to invest in themselves — they have seen this change propel their life & career to the next level.

What you’ll learn in personal branding:

As your personal branding coach, I partner with you to understand how to make your personal brand work for you professionally and create an action plan around what makes you, YOU!

  • Defining your reasons for action.
  • Understanding how people perceive you.
  • Developing your value proposition.
  • Validating your brand.
  • Continuous and sustainable action plans including behavior change, visibility, communications and image elements.
  • Removing obstacles that stand in your way of success.
  • Increase confidence, presence, communications and impact.

What you will learn in leadership coaching:

As your leadership coach, I help cut to the core of what makes a strong leader. My 7-part coaching program will teach you practical skills and techniques that will inspire and motivate.

  • Identify what makes a strong leader.
  • Develop your verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • How first impressions can make or break a deal.
  • Working a room with confidence.
  • Become more succinct with your virtual communication.
  • Evolve professional image.
  • Uphold your reputation by developing your personal brand.

What you’ll learn in personal image consulting:

As your personal image consultant, I can move you toward a job, relationship, situation or style that better reflects the power within you. You have all the tools and beauty inside you already – I will teach you how to emphasize and capitalize on your best assets. You’re just looking for some polish to make you really shine!

  • Design a plan around your image goals.
  • Transform the way you think about your image today.
  • Identify who you are and how you want to be perceived.
  • How to convey your personal brand in a way that resonates with who you are today.
  • Define your color palette.
  • Assess your body type.
  • Elevate your look.
  • Determine your challenges around shopping.
  • Solve the dilemma of “I have nothing to wear” by shopping in your own closet first.

Your moment is now!

How to Elevate Your Personal Brand and Make an Impact Working Virtually

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