Image Consulting for Him

Image consulting for him

“Transformation” Branding Programs 

Elevate  Your Presence, Elevate Your Influence

When you walk into a room, do heads turn? Why shouldn’t they? You are a vibrant, exciting person with something unique to offer the world. It is time for you to send a message of exactly who you are and what you stand for—without saying a word.

Whether you are seeking a career change, celebrating love and success, or just ready to feel more confident being “you, ” enhancing your style is a deeply personal and fulfilling process. When you work with Dawn, you work with one of the most reputable and well-established professionals in the industry. Her approach melds art and science to reveal the unique, authentic YOU hiding in your clothes.

What are your problems when it comes to creating a closet that works for your everyday needs? Are you unsure what cut best fits your body shape? Do you despise wandering the mall hoping to find something you like and that actually fits well? Do you struggle with what to wear for a social gathering or casual Friday?

Dawn is here to help you solve your clothing dilemmas.

I have opened my own men’s clothing store and invite you to visit.

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The Difference

Men's Traditional Clothing Line on Sale

Traditional Store

  • Poor fit. Off the rack fits the “fit model” not the individual.
  • High mark-ups. Wholesale buyers and retail stores add their mark-ups.
  • Impersonal shopping experience.
  • Shopping is inconvenient and takes time.

The essentials for men brought to you by Dawn and J Hilburn

Dawn & JHilburn

  • We make the pattern and hand-cut according to your personal measurements so that you look your best.
  • We bypass the middleman to deliver personal service and pass the savings on to you, the client.
  • We replace the confusion out of fashion and the discomfort of shopping, with wardrobe recommendations and seasonal updates.
  • We bring the store to clients through relaxing in-home and office appointments.