Online Color Analysis

What does your wardrobe say about you?

You may be surprised that your clothing sends a different message than you intended. If you goal is to attract customers, get the sale or find your next business partner, then you might want to think about the colors you wear, and how they represent who you are.

Colors affect us psychologically, emotionally and physically.

When thinking about what looks best on you, consider the following questions:

Does this color bring out my best features?
Is this color too bold for my body shape?
If I wear this color, will people see me first or the color first?

The Benefits of a Color Analysis

Wearing colors that enhance your
best feature will:

Color Swatch 3
Color Swatch 1
Color Swatch 2

Wearing the wrong colors can:





Online Color Analysis

Your Online Color Analysis will include:

Discover the Best Colors for YOU!

This also includes a behind the scene analysis before we get to our call. I would need a few photos of you without makeup, hair down and in natural lighting. Importantly, I need to see your eyes, your hair color and your skin color.

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“Hi! I’m Dawn Stebbing – a personal branding expert and image consultant for female entrepreneurs. I seamlessly pair my extensive experience in the beauty industry with a deep understanding of human behavior. My unique combination of skills results in remarkably transformational Virtual Color Consultation Sessions. When a woman knows what colors bring out her inner radiance, she can take on the world.

I work with women individually and in small groups to assess and identify what is holding them back from moving forward and achieving their goals. My core belief is that we can all aspire to be more and we need to be equipped with the right tools and resources.

I am the author of numerous articles and the book, “The Power is in the Pearl” which centers on building leadership presence. As a certified image consultant, leadership presence trainer, and past president of the Association of Image Consulting International (Chicago Midwest Chapter), I never underestimate the power of presence – because when we change our looks, we change our energy which changes our outlook and situation.”

What do people say?

"I was thrilled to update my color analysis with Dawn. It has been over ten years since
my last one and my colors sure have changed. It was enlightening to find out from Dawn
that our color charts become more muted and softer as we age. Dawn shared
terrific information with me regarding colors for me. It is very convenient to have a digital
palette now and they will also be with me for shopping online or in-person.
I highly recommend Dawn for these services and, of course,
to invest in ourselves."
Lori Lance
Lori Lance
Managing Partner of AEEB, Inc.
"I've worked with Dawn for a color analysis and clothing shopping. She has a unique talent to visualize what I can't see and create a style I would not have thought of but ended up loving. If you want to discover what colors bring out your best features and update your style, I highly recommend hiring Dawn. You will walk away feeling and looking great!"
JoAnne Funch
JoAnne Funch
LinkediIn Strategist
"I highly recommend Dawn Stebbing and truly appreciate how she has combined so many of her strengths and years of experience into helping her clients. She totally knows about our exterior image and so I trust her assessment of my eye & hair color, eyeglass style and complimentary clothing attire. Dawn gives you 100% highly dedicated services that will help you understand yourself and your best image for business and personal branding."
- Wendy Blomseth
Minneapolis-St.Paul Business Journal
"Dawn has a lot of knowledge about colors, style and what would look good on you. She made the process of cleaning out my closet fun and easy! I put it off and dreaded doing it, until my closet rack collapsed and I needed to address it ASAP!"
- Connie Hertz
Women in the Glow Circle Group Facilitator at Living in the Glow
"Shopping with Dawn was an exquisite experience. With colors in hand, we set off to find a type of outfit that would fulfill a need that I had in my wardrobe. Dawn had specific stores in mind and even had a sense of the inventory and items on sale. When she pulled the outfit together with an accessory itenm I can use with other outfits, I did feel like a winner! She is the consummate professional who knows how to honor an individual while still stretching one's comfort level and having some fun!"
Louise Griffith
- Louise Griffith
Author of "You Are Worth It"
"Image matters. It's what drives my interior design clients to change their homes. It's also what impelled me to work with Dawn. Improving my brand image was a way to quickly raise my clients confidence in my ability to guide them to success. Since working with Dawn, I have received many compliments on my appearance from my style of clothing to the colors I wear. Dawn's help has given me the personal power to appear strong and confident."
- Cindy Ojczyk
Interior Designer
"I had wanted a color analysis for a long time. There have been so many times I have worn
clothes that are adorable, but I didn't necessarily feel good in them. After having my
color analysis done by Dawn, I now know why I have a lot of clothing in
my wardrobe that are not "my" colors. After taking a photo of me, Dawn spent
time and explained how specific colors are not appealing while others look very good.
She used the image to place colors next to it and experiment. Some colors may wash me
out and make me look tired, while others made my eyes pop and my complexion radiant.

The colors of a wardrobe can transform a person and make them feel confident.
If we pay attention to and care about what colors we wear, it can help our mood and
help us feel better about ourselves. I am happy to have a color palette that will make
my wardrobe go from dull to bright and fun. Dawn's color analysis and her expertise
have helped me feel more comfortable in what I am wearing. I no longer have to
guess if a color looks good on me. It makes shopping so much easier and more fun!
Janice Branson
Janice Branson

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