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My online course, 7 Dress-For-Success Rules For Women outlines the do’s and don’ts of corporate dressing and how it affects your corporate ladder climb. And we both know that when we know we look good, we feel unstoppable!

This new course is chock-full of information that I’ve only previously shared with my private coaching clients. For months I worked to create a DIY program that women could go through on their own and make the changes they feel will benefit them most. It’s finally ready!

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The Power is in the Pearl book for sale

Enhance Your Uniqueness and Dazzle Your Audience

The Power is in the Pearl

  • Are you dressing in a way that expresses your authentic self and is age-appropriate?
  • Does how you dress make your co-workers take you seriously?
  • Are you trapped in a style that does not flatter you?
  • Is your present weight holding you back from taking the first step toward your new style?

In Dawn Stebbing’s The Power is in the Pearl, learn how to embrace and celebrate your true self through your personal style. You’ll understand what it means to make a great first impression from the moment you walk into a room–and you’ll put aside the self-defeating habits now holding you back from personal success.
Creating your signature style is a step-by-step process that begins at your very core and extends through every facet of your heart, mind and body to show off your very best asset…you.

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My Style, My Way book for sale

Nineteen top experts share a treasure trove of wisdom, information and resources designed to lead you on an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal presentation.

My Style, My Way will help you find solutions to some of your most challenging style and image obstacles, including: 

• Dressing to highlight your personality
• Enhancing your image with the right colors
• Refreshing your makeup
• Traveling in style
• Harnessing your individuality
• And many more

The bottom line? My Style, My Way will inspire you to create your most authentic personal style and walk confidently in the world.

                                                                         Available as Book $19.99 [Add to Cart]
                                                                         Available as eBook $14.99 [Add to Cart]
                                                                         Available as Audio Series $97.00 [Add to Cart]

Banish the “I Have Nothing to Wear” Blues

Banish the “I Have Nothing to Wear” Blues

Nothing is more frustrating than having a closet of clothes, but nothing to wear. Banish the “I Have Nothing to Wear” blues with this gem of an eBook. Transform your closet from a mess into your very own boutique: a personal store from which you leave feeling stylish and fabulous every morning.

                                                                                     Available as eBook $9.99 [Add to Cart]

The J-2000 is the ideal steamer for home or light commercial use

For Home

The J-2000 is the ideal steamer for home or light commercial use. These steamers offer a variety of applications including removing wrinkles in clothing, removing wallpaper, steaming bedding and table linens. This steamer has a unique high-impact plastic housing for durability and wheels that swivel for mobility. The J-2000 heats up in just 2 minutes and will offer a 1.5 hours of steaming per filling with a convenient ¾ gallon water caddy that fits securely into the base of the steamer.

Jiffy Steamer’s ESTEAM® is the most powerful hand-held steamer on the market

For Travel

Jiffy Steamer’s ESTEAM® is the most powerful hand-held steamer on the market. This simple-to-operate steamer is ideal for use at home, in the office or on the road. The ESTEAM® provides a convenient way to remove wrinkles, without the use of an iron, with 3 times more power than most other hand held steamers on the market. The ESTEAM® has a quick heat up time of less than 2 minutes and will steam continuously for 15 minutes per filling.

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